Botox for migraines

Dr. Barrish has over 5 years of experience administering Botox injections. If you have a history of chronic migraines, 15+ days a month, shots of Botox cut down the total number of days you have them. Botox blocks chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from your brain. It stops the chemicals before they get to the nerve endings around your head and neck Botox is like a roadblock in that pathway.

Spasticity Botox

Spasticity Botox is mainly to treat muscle spasticity. Patients with various disorders, including stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury and Multiple Sclerosis often develop significantly elevated muscle tone and involuntary muscle spasm. Botox is FDA approved for treatment of upper extremity spasticity, but also has been shown to be effective in the lower extremities. Often Botox injection is combined with an aggressive stretching and rehabilitation program, to take full advantage of the effects of Botox. If successful, Botox injections can be repeated, at an interval of 3 months or greater, if spasticity returns. Dr. Barrish reports that many patients have benefited from Botox, to help restore function as result of decreased muscle spasm.

Cosmetic Botox

Dr. Barrish also performs cosmetic Botox which will improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines), as well as crow’s feet (lateral canthal lines) around the eyes. Injections have been FDA approved for cosmetic purposes since 2002.