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Mission statement:

Our team has an established track record of service to our patients and our Delaware community since 1996. We want to be reminded that we are here for you, not only as a patient, but also here for you as a fellow community member seeking healthcare. As an orthopaedic practice, we have helped garner national recognition for the work we do at Beebe Medical Center. We have provided education to our community members through seminars sponsored by Easter Seals, Arthritis Foundation, Beebe Medical Foundation, and numerous other lecture series given around the Delmarva Peninsula. We have earned the reputation and respect as caring providers.

We want to foster service and education in our office. Patients need to take responsibility for their health. This can only be achieved by understanding the problems and knowing treatment alternatives. Education is the only way to meet this goal. Our role as an orthopaedic practice is to help you along that path. We are not the cure, but an instrument towards that goal. Whether it be caring for broken bones, disabling arthritis pain, musculoskeletal disease, infections, and other injuries; we have a commitment to working together along that path to self improvement.

If we forget that role, or our patients chose not to pursue a path towards recovery, then we have failed. Complex issues take time to evaluate and treat. Many times, a multi-specialty approach is necessary towards making a diagnosis. Whether it be with the help of a rheumatologist, physiatrist, pain management physician, therapist, internist, or a Tertiary Care Center; we can help direct. So let’s work together and make living life better. I have a team that will help us achieve that goal. Help us to help you.

Wilson Choy, MD

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